1. Record Store Day 2024: what and when is it and what vinyl releases will there be?

    By Nuray Bulbul Record Store Day allows vinyl lovers to fulfil all their record and music needs. RSD celebrates the record industry and has been marked annually since 2008. You might even find a few record stores holding concerts and special releases. More than 270 stores will partic
  2. New Best Radio You Have Never Heard episode for 4/1, w/ new music & releases from Black Crowes, Decemberists, Rolling Stones, Peter Garrett, & Deep Purple, + great music from Pete Townshend, Tears For Fears, Jackson Browne, Metallica, Kate Bush etc #podcast #FreeMusic
  3. IT’S BEY DAY!

    Beyonce is an absolute master marketer. The very best. Even more than Madonna and Lady Gaga. Not since Grace Jones and Kate Bush has there been someone who knows how to move the market, get attention and reinvent herself. EXCELLENT ALBUM. BEY DAY! https://fanbase.app/fanbase #COW
  4. 31 Day Song Challenge Day 24 - Holiday Song (1990s Version)

    Back in the day, in order for a tune to reach the Billboard Hot 100 list, it needed to get airplay from radio stations in the major markets and significant sales in what were then called "record stores." This began changing somewhat during the video era, as clips also helped dete
  5. hey #newusers or whatever the tags are for finding new followers. #Follow ? #followme ? #friends ? #ABBA ? #KateBush ? #music ? taps mic
  6. Song of the Day - July 2

    Every morning I ask shuffle to tell me my theme for the day from my music library. Today: Wuthering Heights, Kate Bush I have stayed off the social media for the past few days. Like sticking my head in the sand. I've learned these past few years though that taking a break from my