1. So, who's going to kick out the crooked judges? The crooked senators and congressmen? The President should but .... This is just showing how broken the system really is. I don't want a startover as the soon-to-rant "I am now dictator" witless orange rock is suggesting. But, a
  2. 'Wicked' woman jailed after setting fire to deaf mother-in-law's bed as she slept to get inheritance

    By Adam Dutton & Benedict Tetzlaff-Deas A "wicked and terrible" woman who murdered her disabled mother-in-law by setting fire to her home to get her inheritance money has been jailed for life. Karen Vamplew, 44, started the blaze at the property of Elizabeth Vamplew, 77, by setting
  3. Trump hush money trial: Here’s why the former president might get acquitted as judge doesn’t demand clarity from prosecution

    By Conrad Dias WASHINGTON, DC: Any astute jury would have noticed that the prosecution in Donald Trump 's hush money trial has notably refrained from providing a clear explanation of the crime Trump was purportedly trying to commit by misrepresenting payments as "legal expenses", a
  4. -Joyce Vance- It is time for Democrats to take on Trump's lies. Republicans won’t...This election is one where democracy is literally at stake and Trump isn’t shy about telling us so. This election is one where democracy is literally at stake and Trump isn’t shy about telling us so
  5. "First, I wondered who had gotten through security to rig the flag at the Justice’s home. Then, as I read the story's opening lines, I figured the photo had to be a deep fake." But no, it was really Justice Alito, by @JoyceWhiteVance
  6. new Judicial Branch slogan #donaldtrump #twotieredjustice #supremecourt #scotus #aileencannon #seditioussix #criminal #justice #justicesystem #abovethelaw #lockhimup #trumpcult #magacult #republicans
  7. Plea Bargains with Prof. Dripps

    University of San Diego law professor Donald Dripps joins us to educate us on the plea bargain system which has essentially replaced what we think of as our criminal justice system. Prof. Dripps explains why defendants waive their right to a jury trial by pleading guilty, why def
  8. We don't have a #JusticeSystem . We have a favoritism system. #LockTrumpUpNow #DonPoorleone
  9. Off-brand tomatoes?! The horror!😄

    Forget all the political insanity and societal injustice, this is a proper priority for the U.S. courts! 😄 And thanks to Stanley Tucci's TV show "Searching for Italy", we now all know the value of real San Marzano tomatoes. I love it! (Gift article) #StanleyTucci #Food #Italy #Ju
  10. Undermining Judicial Integrity

    The appointment of an inexperienced Federal Judge to oversee the trial of a former President, with ties to the accused, casts a dark shadow over the integrity of our judicial system... The appointment of a Federal Judge with minimal courtroom experience to preside over the trial