1. Credit card late fees to be capped at $8 under Biden campaign against "junk fees"

    The Biden administration announced a rule Tuesday to cap all credit card late fees at $8, or about one-quarter of the average late fee of $32. It's the latest effort from the White House to attack what it calls " junk fees ," or excessive fees that can push up the end price of prod
  2. Biden Admin Aims to Take Down Junk Fees

    #JunkFees #DemsDeliver #ConcertTickets #BankOverdraftFees #PBSNewsHour 5 Mins. What a concept. Lower the fees or show the fees (which corporations do not want to do). @acosta @chucktodd @cbs2chicago
  3. How to claim your slice of a $100 million Verizon settlement

    By Jordan Valinsky, CNN Some Verizon customers might have found an unexpected surprise in the mail this week: An opportunity to receive a refund as part of a proposed $100 million settlement from a class-action lawsuit. Eligible customers are receiving postcards or emails alerting
  4. America is Screwed Up

    Some reasons why America is screwed up: - tipping for everything! - junk fees - free shipping sham And guess who loves to inundate consumers with junk fees? And it's not the Dems. #Politics #JunkFees #Tipping
  5. Gift article on junk fees.