1. Did David Moya Propose to His Lover Julie? We Tell You

    By Patricia Tonui David Moya and his lover went public months ago, and since then, the viral dancer has been giving her the princess treatment In a new clip, the dancer’s girlfriend shared that Moya was driving while she was in the passenger princess seat Julie paraded a huge ring o
  2. Survivor 45 Julie Got One of Austin’s Idols from Him for Safety — But Will She Give It Back?

    When the Survivor 45 players were split into three groups, Julie realized she’d be voted out if there were separate Tribal Councils, so Austin gave her an idol. But then… nothing happened. So why was this scene shown? Will Julie keep the idol for herself?? 1st TikTok today: You c
  3. In the Big Brother 25 Finale, Jared Had to Come Clean to Mom Cirie About Spilling Their Secret!

    After the Cirie-Jared secret was revealed in the Big Brother 25 Finale, Julie also had Jared confess to having spilled the beans in the game! Mom was NOT happy! 1st TikTok today: You can also relive one of the funniest moments of the Big Brother 25 Finale as a YouTube Short: Or o
  4. Sex happens

    Saw this car driving around Austin yesterday. (It’s blurry cause it’s raining. Also, we weren’t moving also, cause it’s raining 🤷🏽‍♀️) You can get emergency contraception delivered in less than 30 minutes because sex happens. Julie-your friend with benefits #SexHappens #Emergenc
  5. Gogglebox Malone family left heartbroken as viewers' favourite Dave dies

    By Susan Knox Gogglebox family favourites the Malone clan have been left devastated after the death of their beloved dog Dave. The family's adorable pooch became a well-loved member of the Malone family, and was known to millions viewers as he often appeared on the Channel 4 hit sh
  6. IF Felicia Is Evicted Pre-Jury on Big Brother 25, How Will She React to the Fields Secret?

    Things are still up in the air for tonight’s Big Brother eviction. But I have some thoughts about how Felicia will react to Julie revealing the secret IF she is the one voted out — and I put them into a text TikTok (with appropriate background music): You can also see my thoughts