1. Clarence Thomas Muses on Revisiting School Segregation

    The justice criticized Brown v. Board, a 70-year-old legal precedent, in a ruling that gave the green light to South Carolina's gerrymandered congressional map. By Eric Lutz The Supreme Court’s conservative majority gave its blessing Thursday to a gerrymandered South Carolina congr
  2. Lincoln's warning -It's like he was talking specifically about the Roberts Court.

    Worth a read. "or is it the Leo Court?" DAVIDRLURIE MAY 17, 2024 A right-wing Supreme Court majority could well place Donald Trump effectively beyond the reach of the nation’s criminal justice system for his attempt to void the outcome of a national election. This is not the fir
  3. "The Roberts Court pushes the limits Beginning with his tenure as a young DOJ lawyer in the Reagan administration, John Roberts fought a largely losing battle to hobble the crowning jewel of the civil rights era, the Voting Rights Act. Despite right-wing opposition, the VRA had lo
  4. Lincoln's warning

    By davidrlurie PN is a reader-supported publication made possible by paid subscribers. Appreciate our independent journalism? Then please sign up to support us. 🏛️ Subscribe to Public Notice 🏛️ A right-wing Supreme Court majority could well place Donald Trump effectively beyond th
  5. 'Embarrassment to the office': Kamala Harris slammed for suggesting Supreme Court threatens 'fundamental freedoms'

    By Rittwik Naskar WASHINGTON, DC: During an interview with The New York Times , Vice President Kamala Harris expressed her concern regarding the Supreme Court's conservative justices, whom she accused of threatening "fundamental freedoms across the board." Harris claimed, "This cour
  6. It turns out the Alabama Supreme Court believes this Disney film is about real children. #JudicialActivism #AlabamaSupremeCourt #BadCourtDecisions #HatefulJurists #FrozenEmbryosAreNotChildren #FarRightDisinformation
  7. video only (short) #LeonardLeo #JudicialActivism #MedievalLaw
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  9. #Politics #JudicialActivism #SCOTUS #CFPB
  10. #Politics #JudicialActivism #GOP #Fascism The Fifth Circuit is right-wing dumpster fire and this ruling isn't worth the paper it's printed on.