1. Remember I was remarking over the wkend that it seems Trump has already surrendered to Judge Merchan (Sit, Trumpo, sit! Good doggie) after that little joke Merchan played with Trumpo about Wednesday 'detention' Also remember, Judge Engoron got Trump to obey his gag order Trump's An
  2. What a week! 😜

    ✅ Today, April 22nd the first criminal trial where criminal defendant tRvmp will be tried as a criminal… begins! Also… ✅ Today, April 22nd a hearing will be held in front of #JudgeEngoron to determine whether Knight Insurance Company is good for the reduced $175 million bond they
  3. So while Trump is in criminal court starting Monday 15th of April with Judge Merchan We have the monster from horror movies: Chucky! He's back! Judge ENGORON will have a hearing on 22 Apr about Trump bizarro-bond-not-bond by the Hankey-Pankey dude And now this? Letitia James has evi
  4. He is CHUCKY !!!! Like the horror movie character Judge Engoron. Trumpo thinks his monster has finally been slayed and here he is again... OMG Judge Engoron is just the pain that won't go away! I LOVE THIS MAN !!!
  5. Trump Is Really Not Having A Good Day with the NYAG

    Besides the bond problem, which i've already discussed elsewhere, another very problematic filing was just entered in the NYAG's fraud case against Trump. The Office of the Attorney General just filed a letter asking Judge Engoron to make two changes to the monitorship order. This
  6. #judgeengoron #LetitiaJamesDA #alvinbragg #mattgaetz #LevParnas 3/21/24
  7. Maybe he does have the money. 🧐

    I’ve been reading a lot of articles that are simply printing pieces of tRvmp’s desperate plea to Judge Engoron and the NY Attorney General’s office as if it were fact. I too have been reveling in the thought that he doesn’t have that half a billion bucks just laying around… or do
  8. Judge 🤡 in Trump Civil Fraud Case Received Envelope With White Powder: Sources #whitepowder #Hunter #JudgeEngoron #Trump2024