1. A Thai man allegedly threatened a foreigner with a knife on #Jomtien Beach after the tourist refused to purchase beer from the Thai man. The incident is under investigation.
  2. A Turkish tourist had a young teenage boy steal his cell phone on #Jomtien Beach this morning but a plainclothes police officer nearby saved the day, chasing the boy and arresting him.
  3. An allegedly intoxicated #Thai woman ran into and damaged seven vehicles on #Jomtien Beach early this morning and was arrested. She later tested for being well above the legal alcohol limit, said Pattaya police.
  4. A major part of #Jomtien Beach Road will turn one way only from March for a massive project to install new road drainage which is expected to cause significant traffic delays and changes this year while under construction.
  5. A great event for youth and people who enjoy music on #Jomtien Beach starting this weekend and continuing to next weekend.
  6. A Russian tourist nearly drowned on #Jomtien Beach and passed out, losing consciousness and having to be rescued. His friends blamed marijuana for the incident but that wasn't confirmed as the cause by rescue staff.
  7. Pattaya is planning a massive Loy Krathong Festival for next Monday with four zones of activities, concerts, and culture in Naklua, Pattaya, Jomtien, and Koh Larn. Full details below.
  8. #Pattaya police successfully arrested two suspects who assaulted and robbed a Russian woman walking back to her condo in Jomtien recently. The men claimed they had to buy essentials for a newborn baby and felt they had no other options and claimed they had never committed a crime
  9. #Pattaya Police are investigating an incident in #Jomtien in which a dine and dasher not only didn't pay for his meal but also allegedly stole a phone from behind the counter before leaving.
  10. #Pattaya Police continue to try to locate two suspects who assaulted and robbed a Russian woman walking home from a convenience store in Jomtien last week.