1. The “Wilson Walkie”—a Cottage Industry Answer to Mattel

    By Dana B. Shoaf The Wilson Novelty Company produced this “Wilson Walkie” U.S. Army soldier toy sometime between 1936 and 1949 at John Wilson’s small garage factory in Watsonville, Pa., along the Susquehanna River north of Harrisburg. Wilson started the company after he lost his c
  2. Today in 1908, John Wilson was born in Ottawa. As a geophysicist and geologist, he made significant contributions to the theory of plate tectonics. The Wilson cycle of seabed expansion and contraction is named for him, as are two submarine volcanoes. He died in 1993.
  3. BBC bosses made Michael Parkinson feel 'insecure' and 'questioned his talent', claims son

    By Alex Davies The son of Sir Michael Parkinson has spoken out about his father's life after he died earlier this month aged 88. Mike Parkinson spoke to John Wilson on BBC Radio 4’s Last Word about his father and the legacy he leaves behind after spending decades in the spotlight a
  4. You May Not Know Where This Show Is Headed—But You’ll Enjoy the Journey #Entertainment #Culture #TV #HBO #HowToWithJohnWilson #JohnWilson