1. The political left is urging the resignation of a lawyer associated with Trump after their involvement in advising on a scheme related to fake electors

    Liberals in Wisconsin are calling for Jim Troupis, a former judge and lawyer involved in former President Donald Trump's efforts to undermine the 2020 election, to resign. Troupis advised fake electors who settled a lawsuit, acknowledging President Joe Biden's win. Despite the se
  2. Trump aides’ chaotic struggle to handle him with kid gloves in 2020 election briefing revealed

    By Gustaf Kilander One of the many lawyers present at the White House towards the end of Donald Trump’s presidency told him in a December 2020 meeting that he still had a chance to win, giving the outgoing commander-in-chief false hope ahead of what would become the January 6 Capi
  3. Exclusive: Recordings describe 2020 Oval Office photo-op where Trump was briefed on fake electors and January 6

    By Marshall Cohen, CNN Before a group of supportive lawyers entered the Oval Office for a photo-op with then-President Donald Trump in December 2020, they were given a clear instruction, according to one attendee: Don’t get Trump’s hopes up about overturning the election. One attor