1. JetBrains beats GitHub #Copilot to the increasingly popular trend of local #genAI #codingassistants that circumvent copyright and data privacy concerns that linger with #cloud -based tools. Read the article here.
  2. How To Get Started With CodeLlama-70B

    By Chris McKay Meta today open sourced Code Llama 70B, the largest version of its popular coding model. In this article, we'll cover how you can easily get up and running with the new codellama-70b . Like its smaller siblings, there are three variations of the codellama-70b model: in
  3. Dew Drop Weekly Newsletter #360 - Week ending December 8, 2023

    Here are this week's top links from the Morning Dew . Hit the link at the end of this email to view the full posts on my blog. Thanks for following! Monday - December 4, 2023 The Rise of C# Markup for Cross Platform Development (Uno Platform Team) Getting Started with Semantic Kernel