1. School for Gaza's Children Despite War

    “Our students aren’t students of war. They’re students of peace.” – red. media was on the ground with Gazans trying to pursue their right to education amid Israel’s relentless war on Gaza and its Palestinian population. Israeli forces bombed or damaged at least 343 schools across
  2. 🟡 Latest War on Gaza news roundup: 🟡 The death toll from Israel’s relentless war on Gaza has reached at least 19,453, with more than 52,286 Injured. 🟡 As a result of Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip’s civilian population, 71% of Gaza’s population is suffering from acute levels of h
  3. 🟡 Latest War on Gaza news roundup: 🟡 Israel’s fifth forced telecommunications blackout on Gaza since October 7 has disrupted communications to the extent that it is impossible to provide accurate and up-to-date numbers in relation to the death toll. 🟡 An Israeli attack on the Nus
  4. #GenocideInGaza #israelCrimes Israel is Evil.