1. Charting the Course Through SAT and Digital SAT Exam Score

    Charting the Course Through SAT and Digital SAT Exam Score Introduction: The Role of the College Board in SAT & Digital SAT Exam The College Board, renowned for its stewardship of the SAT, is at the forefront of transforming this pivotal college entrance exam into its digital incarn
  2. Lead from gasoline blunted the IQ of about half the U.S. population, study says

    Leaded gas was banned in 1996, but exposure to the poison cost people born before then several IQ points on average, researchers estimated. Exposure to leaded gasoline lowered the IQ of about half the population of the United States, a new study estimates. The peer-reviewed study,

    Learning Vedic astrology and understanding it is very important in-order to predict about any events in one’s life as per his horoscope. According to Vedic astrology all planets have their own way of intelligence as per their nature. For example, mercury is very analytical in natur
  4. Don't Shun Controversial Ideas and People. Debate Them.

    By John Stossel The New York Times put Charles Murray on the cover of its Sunday magazine, calling him "The Most Dangerous Conservative." That was after he co-wrote the book The Bell Curve , which argued that different ethnic groups have, on average, different IQs. As Murray puts it
  5. Mum left in tears after orangutan's gesture of compassion while she breastfeeds baby

    By Liam Gilliver & Leah Fox & Liam Gilliver Orangutans share a staggering 96.4 per cent of their DNA with humans - so it might not come as a shock that they are capable of deep compassion. We're often reminded how capable the great apes are when it comes to tasks like tying shoelac
  6. China's 'Amazon' Gets More Animated With Purchase From Tencent

    By The Bamboo Works Key Takeaways: China Literature’s acquisition of Tencent’s comics and animation unit brings all of the latter’s long-form print and filmed entertainment assets under one roof Tencent has been unloading loss-making businesses amid an ongoing crackdown on anti-comp
  7. Mind-boggling maths equation leaves people 'with a headache' - can you crack it?

    By Lucy Marshall This complicated mathematical brain teaser has left social media users stumped as participants left with range of different answers. Whether you were a maths whizz at school, or if it was your most dreaded subject, we can all remember sitting in class trying to fig
  8. Seemingly simple maths problem can indicate whether you have high IQ - can you crack it?

    By Niamh Kirk This seemingly simple maths question can determine if you have a high IQ - but it's making many people scratch their heads over the correct answer. Whether you were a maths whizz at school , or if it was your most dreaded subject, we can all remember sitting in class t
  9. 6-year-old New Jersey girl is one of the youngest new members of high IQ society

    By Rikki Klaus, CNN Like many 6-year-olds, Declan Lopez wishes unicorns were real. She told CNN in an operatic voice she aspires to be a singer, and if that doesn’t work out, a fashion designer. At first glance, many wouldn’t suspect the rambunctious Rockaway, New Jersey, kindergar
  10. Earnings Scheduled For November 21, 2023

    By Benzinga Insights Companies Reporting Before The Bell • Golden Ocean Group (NASDAQ: GOGL ) is likely to report quarterly earnings at $0.11 per share on revenue of $149.42 million. • Singing Machine Co (NASDAQ: MICS ) is likely to report earnings for its second quarter. • Yiren Digital