1. iPad Air 2024: No OLED, but it’s tipped to get this big display upgrade

    So much attention has gone towards the OLED displays reportedly coming to the new iPad Pro that we haven't spent much time thinking about the iPad Air that's supposed to launch alongside it. We have reason to now, though. As spotted by MacRumors , Display Supply Chain Consultants C
  2. 5 great tablet deals still available from Amazon's Big Spring sale

    By John Higgins and Jon Winkler Tablets are an incredibly versatile tech tool that can be used for productivity, streaming content, playing games, or browsing the web for deals. Even with Amazon’s Big Spring sale ending earlier this week, there are plenty of tablet deals still ava
  3. Mexican Art

    #feedback Bug this morning: the title of your last post will automatically appear on your next post. Be alert to edit it! I left it in to prove that this happens. If it makes any difference, I’m on an up to date iPad Air, iPadOS 17.3.1.
  4. @feedback Losing points, can’t like posts, and other fritzy things keep happening. Kind of tired of being experimented on. iPad Air, latest OS, chrome browser. Best of luck.
  5. Dbrand Natural Leather Device Skin Review

    By Will Greenwald Vinyl skins are an easy way to add some personality to your devices. They're basically just big stickers, though, and might not make for the most premium feel. You can't replicate the look and feel of leather, and that's where Dbrand comes in. The company makes p
  6. "Edgar" (2014)

    Quick sketch in Paper By 53 app while Internet down one evening back in 2014. #Sketch #PaperBy53 #Art #ArtOnPost #Drawing #SensuBrush #Bird #iPadAir #Egret #DigitalArt #MyWork