1. WhatsApp safety tips for children that parents need to know

    By Lola Christina Alao Children as young as nine have been added to dangerous WhatsApp groups, the BBC has reported. Parents with children at schools across Tyneside have been sent a warning by Northumbria Police about WhatsApp groups said to promote self-harm , sexual violence and
  2. Is airport Wi-Fi safe to use? How to keep your information safe while traveling.

    When traveling, we need to stay connected. However, public Wi-Fi at airports and restaurants can be risky. Here's expert advice. By Kathleen Wong, USA TODAY When traveling, it’s important to stay connected. Without Wi-Fi or cell service, you can’t utilize online maps to navigate a
  3. Yes. Beware of the very small print they are using to inform you that you will have to use Points to read some Posts. I just got hoodwinked out of 28 points for an article. I suggest you look closely before clicking to read or read more. If they want points, just block them so yo
  4. 'I discovered my boyfriend of two years doesn't exist - I'm heartbroken'

    By Paige Freshwater A woman has shared her heartache after discovering her boyfriend of two years "literally doesn't exist". She explained how she met her boyfriend on social media after sharing a post about how she finds 'nerds' attractive. Soon after, she received a direct messag
  5. This video of how an unassuming man stole a lady's phone will amaze you

    By Magdalene Larnyoh A young lady lost her mobile phone to a man who was driving a luxurious car in Accra She was chatting with the man and handed her phone to him to possibly give her his contact details, but the man drove off When the video was shared on social media, netizens sym
  6. Good evening fellow #advocates . Today, The Freedom Advocate sat down for an #AdvocateChat with a local mother and former high school administrator to talk about #InternetSafety and #StrangerDanger . CHECK IT OUT HERE!