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  2. Happening now!! #artsetobicoke #artisttalk #indigenousvoice
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  4. 26 January, Australia Day aka Invasion Day

    While it’s technically no longer Australia Day in Australia because it’s now Saturday, 27 January there, I want to note the difficulty that this national holiday poses for many Australians. Australia Day is the official national day of Australia. Observed annually on 26 January,
  5. Australians' rejection of the Indigenous Voice in constitutional vote is shameful, supporters say
  6. Failed Indigenous Voice Referendum Seen as a Setback to Australia Becoming a Republic

    By Rod McGuirk / AP CANBERRA, Australia — Australia’s failed referendum on the Indigenous Voice has set back the government’s plans to cut the nation’s constitutional ties to Britain’s King Charles III, a minister said Thursday. Australians last week overwhelmingly rejected the ref