1. Couple filmed 'engaging in lewd act' on Irish flight as passengers 'disgusted'

    By John O'sullivan Vacationers were left in shock after a couple was caught on camera 'engaging in a sex act' during a British Airways flight . A brazen video has surfaced showing a woman "vigorously" fondling a man's groin area on the early morning service from London Heathrow to
  2. British Airways passengers left horrified after witnessing 'vigorous' sex act on plane

    By Dan Falvey British Airways customers were left appalled after noticing two passengers engaging in a sexual act while onboard a flight from England to Ireland earlier this week. A woman on the flight from London Heathrow to Dublin on Tuesday May 7 was spotted "vigorously" caressi
  3. actually, I was riding a City bus, once upon a time, and I heard the young teen couple behind me (I knew what they were doing in the bushes, they were awfully noisy), whispering,..and he said "did you jump up and down enough to get it all out?" and she said "yeah, I'm sure that w
  4. 'I'm married but I'm falling in love with my tenant - it's driving me nuts'

    By Lauren Haughey A landlord confessed to being head-over-heels in love with his tenant - despite a six year marriage with his wife. Whether we like to admit it or not, we've probably all liked someone we're not supposed to at one point. Perhaps you took a liking to your sister's b
  5. The AFFA* reminds all in social media, that today, after that one dude set himself on fire, and Trump farting in court, it would be totally inappropriate to do jokes with South Park's Terrence & Philip setting their farts on fire! Totally inappropriate * American Flatulence and Far