1. Expert Network Consultants

    Nextyn offers expert network consultants specializing in strategic advisory, technology integration, and business transformation. Our consultants bring years of industry experience and cutting-edge insights to optimize your organization's performance. From market analysis to impl
  2. UK Robot Becomes First AI Vice Principal at a Boarding School In an unprecedented move, a boarding school in the UK has appointed an AI robot as its vice principal. As reported by trusted news source Trstdly , Cottesmore School is breaking new ground by bringing artificial intellig
  3. 6 Steps of the Business technology implementation plan

    Technology implementation is the process of integrating new technologies into an organization’s existing systems and workflows. Click here: #business #technology #implementation #plan
  4. Main Steps in The Software Implementation Plan

    A software implementation plan is a document that describes the necessary steps for the execution of a software project. Click here: #software #implementation #plan
  5. The Importance of software implementation for Enterprise

    Software implementation is the process of integrating an application into an organization’s workflow. Click here: #software #implementation #smartosc
  6. Congratulations to Jessica Parineet, a second-year Master of Public Policy concentrating in #Climate and #EnergyPolicy , who was selected as a NJ Wind Institute Graduate Fellow earlier this summer. The fellowship is sponsored by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA
  7. Insightful thread about John's tenure with R7RS-large project. Crucial for insight on #Scheme history, #standardization & #implementation. What's your take on this change? #R7RS