1. Chinese Migrant Suddenly Found on California Military Base

    By Nick Mordowanec The arrest of a Chinese national at a Marine Corps base in California is spurring many questions. The presence of Chinese nationals on American soil has been on lawmakers' radar for months, given the recent influx of migrants at the southern and northern borders
  2. Destitute Pea Pickers, California by Dorothea Lange, March 1936, The J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles, CA) #Art #Photography Florence Leona Christie was born in 1903 to Cherokee parents living in Indian Territory (now part of Oklahoma). At 17, she married Cleo Owens, the son of
  3. Hobo

    Dorothea Lange shot this photo in the Imperial Valley in 1939 for the Farm Security Administration. In it, a hobo (as identified by Lange) is waking up after spending the night on the ground next to a corral. In all probability this fellow is an itinerant farm worker, doing ess
  4. A Cartography Of Loss In The Borderlands - Mexicali’s Colorado River Family Album Documents What Is No More.

    “Concrete fills the landscape at Mexicali, Baja California’s Civic Center, just blocks south of the U.S.-Mexico border. Alongside the neo-brutalist building runs a six-lane boulevard, Calzada de los Presidentes. But on the other side of the calzada, where a dirt slope leads to a
  5. Barbara Lee’s Antiwar Campaign for the Senate

    In California’s crowded primary, can a longtime congresswoman sell her progressive ideals to the mainstream? By Emily Witt Los Angeles’s Kingdom Day Parade is billed as one of the oldest and largest celebrations of Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s birthday in the country, held each year
  6. California’s Imperial Valley #Environment #Outdoors #California #ImperialValley #Activism #Environmentalism