1. Hardcore History

    A few years back, I went all in on podcasts and I've been listening this morning to Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. His podcasts are amazing. This episode talked about how the Vikings raided England for 200 years often coming every year and taking thousands of pounds of silver in
  2. Les Zodiacs remportent le tournoi FrancoFun

    Une finale acharnée a donné lieu à un tir au barrage. Les Zodiacs remportent le 3e tournoi annuel FrancoFun. Les Zodiacs de Garden Valley Collegiate et les Cavaliers, une équipe conjointe de l’École/Collège régional Gabrielle-Roy et de l’École Pointe-Des-Chênes, se sont affrontés
  3. Microsoft Partners with Inworld AI to Bring Generative AI to Xbox Game Creation

    By Chris McKay Microsoft recently announced an exciting new partnership with artificial intelligence startup Inworld AI to build AI-powered tools for game development on Xbox. The collaboration aims to harness the potential of generative AI to assist and empower game creators with
  4. AWOL - The Ancient World Online: Immersion, Identification, and the Iliad