1. Odesa border guards foil fake marriage scheme to dodge military service

    Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service in Odesa Oblast apprehended a 30-year-old woman from Kyiv for allegedly aiding conscripts in orchestrating fraudulent marriages with women who had multiple children or first or second-degree disabilities, the Border Guard Service reported on M
  2. Boston Police respond to ‘out of control’ illegal drag racing event that disturbed the city

    By Alana Loftus A 'chaotic' illegal drag-racing event took place in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood last night, causing public disturbance and prompting many 911 calls. Boston Police said that around thirty 911 calls were made about the wild scene. When they arrived around 2:13 am,
  3. Mahogany Jackson: 6 suspects arrested in murder of missing Alabama woman who texted mom about her abduction

    By Shanmugapriya Murugesan ALABAMA, BIRMINGHAM: In the continuous inquiry into the abduction and homicide of a young mother from Birmingham, three men and three women have been apprehended. Mahogany Jackson , 20, reached out to her family in the early hours of Sunday, pleading for
  4. Man facing prison after shovelling illegal 200ft wide channel into Lake Michigan

    By Sean McPolin A 63-year-old man who created an illegal 200-feet wide channel into a lake has been convicted of tampering and vandalism misdemeanours . Fisherman Andrew Howard now awaits sentences for federal charges after he diverted the Platte River by hand through Sleeping Bear
  5. How Crowded Are The Oceans? New Maps Show What Flew Under The Radar Until Now

    “Advances in AI and satellite imagery allowed researchers to create the clearest picture yet of human activity at sea, revealing clandestine fishing activity and a boom in offshore energy development…. Using satellite imagery and AI, researchers have mapped human activity at sea w