1. Why Relationships Can Be Challenging, Especially as a Highly Sensitive Person

    By Douglas Eby Probably all of us experience challenges at times in our personal, family, business and other relationships. Psychologist Matt Zakreski points out "No one is good in ALL social situations, or in all aspects of a particular social situation." Being a highly sensitive p
  2. As an HSP, I can relate.
  3. “HSPs have the capability of making a huge difference in the world." Julie Bjelland, LMFT in my post How You Can Thrive More As A Highly Sensitive Person highlysensitive.org/12275/
  4. Anyone else experience this?

    Does anyone else get the heebie jeebies from touching corn starch? I hate the squeaky dry feeling between my fingers. I get that way with dry sand on my feet too. Is this a HSP thing? #HSP