1. Howard Dean: Biden 🤡 'could beat the daylights' out of Trump in push-up contest #HowardDean #Biden #Trump2024
  2. Can anyone beat Donald Trump in Iowa? 40 years of Iowa Polls show the race is far from over

    Pollster J. Ann Selzer, who oversees the nationally lauded Iowa Poll, says she's learned to 'never say never' about the caucuses By Katie Akin, USA TODAY NETWORK Former President Donald Trump has overshadowed the Republican presidential race for 2024, but an analysis of Iowa Poll d
  3. Donald Trump is the Undisputed King of Fraud

    by Bob Cesca WASHINGTON, DC – Nearly 20 years ago, Howard Dean’s presidential campaign came to a screeching halt after he shouted, “YAARR!” into a microphone during a rally on the night of the Iowa caucus. Placing third in that contest wouldn’t have doomed his campaign – after all
  4. Ron DeSantis’s awkward smile goes viral after first Republican debate

    By Gustaf Kilander Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ’s awkward smile went viral after the first Republican primary debate in Milwaukee . The moment came after Mr DeSantis went on a rant against President Joe Biden and his economic philosophy known as “Bidenomics”. The governor also slamm
  5. Mississippi

    When Howard Dean ran for president he was asked how he would campaign in the south. "That's easy", he said. "Wherever I go there, I'll just ask people to look around them. If they like what they see, then don't vote for me." They didn't, and it's still the awful same.