1. "Breaking: A second House Republican, Rep. Thomas Massie, says he told Mike Johnson that he'll co-sponsor Marjorie Taylor Greene's attempt to oust him from the speakership. This means Johnson will almost certainly need Democratic votes to remain speaker." +++ H: Holy shit, you guys,
  2. Congressional staffers more dissatisfied with Congress than the general public

    The Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) finds that half of senior congressional staffers are inclined to quit, largely because they are fed up with divisive partisanship. There's a new kind of lawmaker in Congress, according to WAPO: A House Republican deputy chief of staff,
  3. 🚨 House Republican leadership have just OFFICIALLY DECLARED WAR on the #ACA AGAIN. And #Medicare . And #SocialSecurity . (no, Seriously...Google "Republican Study Committee 2024") Donate TODAY to help flip the House blue. #Blue24
  4. 🚨 House Republican leadership have just officially declared war on the #ACA AGAIN. House Republicans Make It Official: Gutting The ACA Is Back On The Table Again Donate TODAY to help flip the House blue. #Blue24
  5. By Jennifer Rubin President Biden’s budget, like all administrations’ budget proposals, will not become law. But it achieves two important goals: It makes several policy proposals whose times have come. And it reveals GOP hypocrisy on deficit control. A favorite Biden expression is
  6. The goal here aligns with #GOP and #houserepublican values. UK Accuses Russia of Yearslong Cyberattacks - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  7. Reposting: More #houserepublican #kevinmccarthy hypocrisy.
  8. House Republicans Debt-Ceiling Hike

    This bill, despite its length, harbors numerous concerning aspects that warrant immediate attention. Should it become law. The bill, if passed, would lead to the loss of 2,000 customs and border patrol agents. 11,000 FBI personnel, and hundreds of local law enforcement officers. Vet