1. Your hairbrush is full of bacteria and germs—here's how to clean it

    By Cindy Bailen **What You Need:** - Your hairbrush - A rat tail comb - A clean sink or basin - A pair of scissors - Hot water - A toothbrush that you use only for cleaning hairbrushes - Shampoo (We use baby shampoo) - Baking soda - Tea tree oil (Optional) - Dry towels **Time Neede
  2. 8 things to consider before buying a new dryer

    By Kate Tully Ellsworth If you’re planning on buying a new dryer soon, you’re likely already in the throes of online research. What kind of dryer do you need? What is a steam cycle? What is the best dryer you can purchase right now? Whether you’re just starting to research or nearl
  3. Mrs Hinch fans hail 'amazing' 59p holy grail that lifts stubborn toilet stains without scrubbing

    By Liam Gilliver If you have kids, or a husband who refuses to put the toilet seat up, you'll know how nightmarish those stubborn loo stains can be. We know, nobody likes popping on their marigolds and deep cleaning the bog , but sometimes it's necessary to clear those bad smells an
  4. Getting there

    Been a bit under the weather for a while and haven't been able to do much on the kitchen. Plus, Ikea is out of the legs I need! But I did get a final cabinet that will make the dimensions on one wall work better, and assembled it and put it into place. Also almost done with insul
  5. How to Choose the Best Waterproof Table Protector Pad for Your Home

    When it comes to preserving the beauty and longevity of your tables, investing in a high-quality table protector pad is essential. These pads shield your tables from spills, scratches, and heat and add functionality to your home. However, with many available options, choosing the