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  2. Pope Francis backlash over same-sex blessings continues as Vatican to introduce bizarre caveat

    By Holly Bishop The Vatican has introduced a strange caveat in an attempt to calm the backlash to the landmark same-sex blessings ruling. The church has now stated that the blessing of a gay couple should last for a maximum of 15 seconds. In December, Pope Francis approved new rules
  3. Apparently China's birth rate is now collapsing. Even though they have repealed the one child per couple law. It would appear that China is suffering the same as many developed countries. The cost economically and socially of rearing of family, is just too great. It's not abortio
  4. BREAKING: A televangelist from Arkansas who was recently caught in a police sting soliciting truckers for sex outside a rural gas station claims Taylor Swift has feminized America and turned straight Christian men like himself homosexual.
  5. One correspondent framed it this way: “Newest children’s title approved for Florida school libraries: Bridget’sTotallyNon-Gay Three - Way .” Cruel, but funny. The Bridget in question being Bridget Ziegler, the Sarasota spokes-model and co-founder of Moms for Liberty and her husband
  6. Man gives a sassy reply to teens calling a shirt ‘gay' in Walmart and teaches them an important lesson

    By Hina Yadav Man gives a sassy reply to teens calling a shirt ‘gay' in Walmart and teaches them an important lesson Being a part of the LGBTQ+ community and having a different sexual orientation means being authentic to oneself. The idea that there is something wrong or off about
  7. #politics #USPolitics If this was the pitch for a movie it would be rejected for being so obvious: A man, called Christian, is the leader of the #Florida #GOP and responsible for #DontSayGay , a law that bans any references to #homosexuality in Florida schools. His wife is on a sch
  8. One the greatest paradoxes of the Bible

    For me, one of the most glaring hypocrisy of #religious people is not about contentious issues such as #homosexuality or #abortion , but rather about something as mundane yet personal as clothing. More specifically, it pertains to the scriptural prohibition against men wearing wom
  9. Archbishop of Canterbury Urges Ugandan Church to Reject Anti-Gay Law

    The Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken out against the recent passage of an inhumane Ugandan law banning homosexuality. Justin Welby, the senior-most cleric of the Church of England, wrote to Uganda’s Archbishop, Stephen Kaziimba, condemning Uganda’s recent Anti-Homosexuality Ac