1. Britons can boost their home value by thousands of pounds in just hours with 'crucial' tasks that are free to do

    By Sarra Gray Britons will want to get the best price when selling their home and making a property more valuable does not need to take long. While property prices are making a recovery in many parts of the UK, it is still worth completing a few simple tasks to make your home more
  2. Elevate Your Moot Property Sale with Keller Williams Diamond League

    Essential tips for property sellersWhen prospective property buyers come to view your home, you may think it is more friendly to accompany them and chat while they walk around your property . However, most estate agents will advise you to keep a low profile in case you say the wron
  3. Clearing clutter is always steps 1-3 of home staging. Once your house is clean and clutter-free, you can create a picturesque holiday home that is sure to sell. Use holiday decor to complement the colors of your home and use decorations to draw attention to the best features of y