1. Unplug your TV, laptop and smartphone tonight, warning issued to all UK homes

    By Dave Snelling If you have a swathe of tech devices littering your home it might be a good idea to hit the off switch and unplug them at night. Not only does killing the power to gadgets - such as TVs, laptops, PCs and coffee makers - improve safety but it can also save vast sum
  2. Man sleeping on sofa amazingly escapes serious injury after BMW ploughs into lounge

    By birminghammail.co.uk & Tim Hanlon A homeowner miraculously escaped serious injury after a BMW ploughed into his living room as he slept on the sofa. Mohammed Ansar Ali has told how he had dozed off at his home in Bromford, Birmingham , on Monday when he was suddenly awoken by the
  3. Exploring the Benefits of Home Insurance

    Homeowners insurance is a major investment for many homeowners. While some may feel that it is not worth the cost, it’s important to explore its benefits before making a decision. Home insurance provides property protection, covering rebuilding costs and personal belongings. It al
  4. Here’s how to create an evacuation plan in case of a wildfire

    By Elizabeth Kocan Check out the entire Climate Control series to protect your home from the effects of climate change As often as we hear about wildfires in places like California, many of us don’t realize that much of the country is potentially at risk for experiencing these deva
  5. Mold Inspection Jacksonville FL

    Concerned about mold in Jacksonville, FL? 🏡 Schedule professional Mold Inspection for a thorough assessment. Safeguard your home with our expert services. Contact us today! #moldinspection #jacksonvillefl #homesafety