1. Bevin Boy labelled a coward in World War 2 finally recognised with honour aged 97

    By Lucy Thornton A Bevin Boy who was called a coward after being forced to dig coal during the Second World War has at last been honoured for his service. John Avery, 97, has been presented with his Defence Medal 80 years after his efforts. The great-grandad’s family says he suffer
  2. You Might Be Surprised to Learn What This Resort Hotel Did During World War II

    By Barbara Noe Kennedy Rounding the bend past the guard gate, I catch my breath when I spy the Greenbrier resort’s main building. The Georgian-style structure, wedding-cake white and six stories high, looms above flower-speckled grounds that cover 7,000 acres and include cottages
  3. Christmas greetings for Ukrainians

    By David Soley Ukraine’s Christmas gift to the one another and the world, may the world bestow a most wonderful gift of freedom to all Ukrainians. Let the memories of family and those who are always near become treasured memories for each of you during this Christmas season. Allow
  4. 'Russia is waking up': In Moscow, soldiers' wives make camouflage nets, minefield signs

    MOSCOW (Reuters) -Natalia Yermakova's husband, Alexander, has been fighting in Ukraine for over a year after responding to President Vladimir Putin's mobilisation call as a volunteer. Wounded in the leg, he was operated on and then sent back to the front. A believer in what Russia
  5. #poetry

    it was more than a bracelet of words it was the promises she swore to keep while she waited for him at home the promises that were shattered when only a coffin with his name came home