1. OC Well Studio: Premier Acupuncture and Wellness Studio in Newport Beach After a certain point in life, stinging pain seems to emerge from various parts of the body. One feels like that is because of bad sleep, or it is some random acute pain. However, quite very often, that’s not
  2. Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Power of Traditional Chinese Medicine Unveiled

    In a world dominated by cutting-edge medical advancements, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is emerging as a powerful and holistic approach to healthcare. At the forefront of this revolution is the International Chinese Medicine Cancer Research Center (ICMCRC), a beacon of inno
  3. Exploring Cannabis Medicine: Breaking Stigmas and Changing Lives with Dr. Benjamin Caplan, MD

    I'm incredibly honored to share a compilation of my recent appearances on network television, where I discuss the benefits and challenges of cannabis as a medicinal alternative. In these clips, you'll see a cross-section of discussions, ranging from marijuana research to potentia