1. ' Early Spring .' (1932) During the interwar years, Eric Slater made around 40 woodcuts of Sussex, taking inspiration from the landscape around his home in Seaford where he lived for more than three decades, borrowing motifs from the Ukiyo-e masters of woodblock printing Hokusai an
  2. KATSUSHIKA HOKUSAI (1760-1849), "Kajikazawa in Kai Province", c. 1830. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City US. These lovely blues are thanks to the newly synthesized Prussian Blue pigment. #Hokusai #fishing #woodblockprint #artoftheday #art #mtfuji
  3. I got to go see the Hokusai exhibit last week at the Seattle Art Museum. They let me bring my camera, so I was able to take some pics of a few pieces. Unfortunately I only had 30 minutes before the exhibit closed, I could have spent days in there. Hokusai lived from 1760-1849. The
  4. Watch Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa Get Entirely Recreated with 50,000 LEGO Bricks via @openculture
  5. The Ghosts and Monsters of Hokusai: See the Famed Woodblock Artist’s Fearsome & Amusing Visions of Strange Apparitions
  6. Canari et pivoines, Hokusai - 1834
  7. HOKUSAI at the MFA Boston: Comprehensive and mind blowing. (4 photos) #art #painting #Boston #Hokusai