1. 13 Essential Features for Conference Mobile App for Events by Dreamcast

    1. User-Friendly Interface 2. Real-Time Agenda Updates 3. Interactive Maps and Floor Plans 4. Speaker Profiles and Social Integration 5. Live Polls and Surveys 6. Networking Features 7. Personalized Schedules 8. Push Notifications 9. Sponsor and Exhibitor Visibility 10. Live Streaming and
  2. Question… Why are all of my points counting down when I read so many post- such as reading “Trump in court wrap up this week” ? ….. I should have earned 6 points for reading that article. Thank you!
  3. Are you being helped?
  4. I have the same problem.. I messaged the "help" option but everyone is gone for the night. Something is definitely afoot. Lol
  5. Well Posties I’m exhausted from this shit show of an app. I am now getting nasty messages from folks about the follow/unfollow issue telling me I’m being blocked bc of something I don’t control. I love this community but sorry, this app sucks. I’ve contacted Post help multiple ti
  6. Why can’t I comment on other people’s Posts? #HelpDesk @post
  7. App Help

    HELP, please. I totally screwed the pooch on the app install, inadvertently using a screen name that looks like a troll. I tried getting in to change things, with no luck. So, then I deleted the app and my account, thinking I could start over and that's also not working. I've been