1. Y&R Recap for Tuesday, April 2, 2024

    Highlights: Victoria asks Claire to move into the Tack House with her, while Heather, Phyllis, & Billy urge Daniel to fight for his job. Read more: #yr #recap #youngandtherestless #youngandrestless #dayahead
  2. ICYMI, our early Y&R recap is up for today, Wednesday, March 27! Lily terminates Daniel & Heather despite Billy & Devon's advice, while Adam relents and changes his stance on Connor's treatment. Read more: #yr #recap #youngandtherestless #youngandrestless
  3. #heather , #crocus , #camellia Spring is springing up.
  4. A "little things" perfect teaser Spring Day... Spunkette this morning kicked off the day.. the trail was more crowded than I have ever seen..the Heather was in bloom and I was surprised and so happy to see color and bees! The Daffodils were in bloom everywhere except this little
  5. Chilly moment of Zenโ€ฆ #January #Winter #Heather #BlueRidgeMountains #Ice #FreshWater #YeahReallyChill
  6. 'Instead of winter we have monsoon season, rain week after week'

    By Paul Routledge Oh for the winter days of childhood! Snow falling as we gather round the gaslight at the bottom of the street. Slides on the downhill pavement, much to the annoyance of parents who say (rightly) theyโ€™re a health hazard. Would kids today know how to make a slide? R
  7. Are you terrified of 2024? If not, why not? Saturday coffee klatch

    By Robert Reich [Most of you wanted us back in video, so here we are.] This week, the secretary of state of Maine decided โ€” as did the Colorado Supreme Court last week โ€” that under Article 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, Donald Trump should not appear on the Republican
  8. The Colour Purple

    #Goodmorning and #HappyWednesday ! Hoping to enjoy a relaxed day at home today after all of the car shenanigans, which made me think of our recent trip to the Lake District. One of adventures we had on that trip was the inadvertant mountain climb that had started as a gentle strol
  9. Professor Heather Cox-Richardson. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  10. A Moment of Bliss

    #HappyMonday Wishing you all a wonderful week with this gentle footage from our walk at the Black Park Country Park. #videosofpost #photography #cows #meadow #nature #PostPlaces #heathland #originalcontent #relaxed #bliss #heather #Summer