1. Why Maternity Care Is Underpaid

    By Alana Semuels Dr. Jesanna Cooper cried when she heard that the labor and delivery unit at Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, Ala., would close in October 2023. She’d started delivering babies at the hospital in 2013, and had helped make it one of the best maternity
  2. Hope it survives the courts

    Nice. And despite Republicans (You know those fiscal hawks ?, all concerned with unchecked entitlement spending. ). But the devil’s in the details...and then the Supreme Court. #medicare #drugprices #letstalkaboutdeficits #publicgoods #healthnews #uspolitics #joebiden #ThanksJoe #n
  3. Knowledge was on the menu yesterday morning, as 150+ staff came together for a special event in recognition of Invisible Disabilities Week. Hosted by the Elderplan Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, the goal was to increase awareness of invisible disabilities and to share h
  4. Claudia Goldin’s Nobel Prize win is a victory for women in economics − and the field as a whole

    By Veronika Dolar, Associate Professor of Economics, SUNY Old Westbury Economic history has long been chronicled through a male lens, emphasizing the contributions of men and their viewpoints. For proof, just look to the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. It’s been awarded
  5. We’ve Got You Covered: Acclaimed MIT health economist Amy Finkelstein describes a way to revamp health care in the U.S.

    Full story at MIT News Excerpt: In We’ve Got You Covered , Finkelstein and co-author Liran Einav propose "free, basic health care for everyone. No sign-up woes; enrollment would be automatic. No charges for basic care. No losing insurance if you leave your job. No falling off the