1. Backpacking Paradise

    Havasu Falls is the most magical place I've ever backpacked. And I've backpacked in Yellowstone, Glacier, Alaska, Europe, and New Zealand. You can hike for 8 miles, and every 30 seconds you will have a new, breathtaking, panoramic view. The green vegetation, brown canyon walls,
  2. Reservations for the Most Coveted Camping Destination Open Up Tomorrow. Here’s How to Get a Spot.

    By Krista Simmons It’s become increasingly difficult to reserve camping sites in the West, where the interest in exploring the great outdoors has never been higher. Travel has officially made its post-pandemic rebound , and camping is no exception. Especially at one of the world’s
  3. Havasu Falls

    If there is any Heaven, it exists only on Earth, and Havasupai is one such place. Located in the Grand Canyon region of Arizona, USA, this remote village is breathtakingly beautiful. Known for its stunning waterfalls and awe-inspiring landscapes, Havasupai is a testament to the w