1. In this clip from my podcast, Adam talks about growing up in a haunted house as a child, which led to one of his earliest experiences with the paranormal—a ghost dog. You can watch the podcast on my YouTube channel now, or stream it anywhere you get your podcasts. See: #AdamBerry
  2. Mum flees her 'haunted' house after CCTV shows 'ghost wandering out of graveyard'

    By Eleanor Wood Bowyer & Paige Freshwater A mum fled her 'haunted' home after CCTV captured her friend's dog chasing a ' ghost ' that wandered out of the graveyard opposite - before 'vanishing' into thin air. Rachel Fields had nipped out to her car when she noticed one of the dogs ,
  3. Eamonn Holmes reveals he has had 'every home blessed by priest' after Andrew Lloyd Webber says he exorcised a spirit from his home

    By Gabrielle Wilde Andrew Lloyd Webber has claimed he called in a priest to help deal with a mischievous poltergeist that was living in his central London home. The composer, who is famed for his musicals such as Oliver and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, said he is
  4. Ghost hunters left 'sick' after encounter at one of UK's most haunted buildings

    By Alison Brinkworth A group of paranormal hunters were left feeling "sick" after they were reportedly confronted by a bad-mouthed ghost after they stepped inside a haunted nunnery. TikTok hunter Tony Ferguson said he was left stunned by the spooky encounter which allegedly took pl
  5. There's A Theory That Ghosts Use Water As A Conduit To Interact With The Living World, And Endless Stories That Support Such Theory... It Rains A Lot In Seattle, There Should Be Over 5 Noted Haunted Places! #Culture #Seattle #Environment #Spirit #Paranormal #Hauntings
  6. Jo Wood feared she was going 'bonkers' before ghostbusters said her house is haunted

    By Seamus Duff Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood’s ex-wife Jo has the ghostbusters on speed dial and welcomed them in to perform an exorcism of her house after she was told three spirits are haunting her gaff. Paranormal investigators told the 68-year-old beauty - who was married to