1. Hezbollah chief Nasrallah hails 'unique opportunity to liberate every inch of Lebanon'

    By Evarist Chahali Get more from Evarist Chahali in the Substack app Available for iOS and Android Get the app Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah on 5 January revealed that, since 8 October, the Lebanese resistance has conducted hundreds of attacks against Israel and remark
  2. Magazine #65 — Hassan Nasrallah, The Man To Watch

    By Worldcrunch Here's the latest edition of Worldcrunch Magazine , a selection of our best articles of the week from top international journalists, produced exclusively in English for Worldcrunch readers. >> DISCOVER IT HERE << This week, we feature a portrait by Yusef Mosaddeqi for
  3. A widened Middle East war would be a disaster, but it can still be avoided

    By Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN Anxiety mounts every day that a full-scale Middle East war could erupt from the flames of the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza. “We feel and we’re afraid of it,” Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour this week. “We
  4. Could Hezbollah Boss Nasrallah Become The Next Supreme Leader Of Iran?

    By Yusef Mosaddeqi & KAYHAN-LONDON -Analysis- The constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran — an amalgam of often contradictory prescriptions — says nothing about Iran's paramount leader ( Rahbar) having to be Iranian by birth or nationality. This missing element has inevitably f
  5. Comment suivre, en direct, le discours du chef du Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, aujourd'hui #Liban https://www.lorientlejour.com/article/1362958/comment-suivre-en-direct-le-discours-du-chef-du-hezbollah-hassan-nasrallah-aujourdhui.html
  6. In his first speech since the start of the conflict, Hezbollah’s leader stopped short of calling to expand the war.

    In his first speech since the start of the conflict, Hezbollah’s leader stopped short of calling to expand the war. #News #WorldNews #Hezbollah #HassanNasrallah
  7. What to know about Hezbollah, the powerful Iran-backed group on Israel’s border

    By CNN Staff Hezbollah is an Iran-backed Islamist movement with one of the most powerful paramilitary forces in the Middle East. The group, which has its main base on the Israel-Lebanon border, could become a wildcard player in the Hamas-Israel war , and spark a wider regional conf
  8. Clashes at Lebanon-Israel border raise fears of wider war

    By Tamara Qiblawi, CNN On the face of it, the crossfire on Lebanon’s border with Israel appears marginal, dwarfed by the scale and intensity of the Hamas-Israel war further south . The fighting has stayed within a roughly 4-kilometer (2.5-mile) radius of either side of the demarcati
  9. Hamas and Iran are longtime allies. Did Tehran help with its attack on Israel?

    By Nadeen Ebrahim The shock Hamas incursion into Israel was of a scale and sophistication that was previously considered unthinkable. Hamas attackers came by land, sea and air, overwhelming Israeli defenses, and killing more than 900 people in the country, both troops and citizens.