1. Croydon named beauty industry capital of the UK

    By Jordan King The south London borough of Croydon has been named the beauty capital of the UK.One in 32 people work in the beauty industry there, new research by Oxford Economics shows. This is more than four times the national average of one in 150. Of the 203,000 people working
  2. France could ban discrimination based on the length or colour of someone's hair

    By Sami Quadri French lawmakers are set to debate legislation that bans discrimination over the texture, length, colour or style of someone’s hair. On Thursday, politicians will vote in the National Assembly on a bill to outlaw hair discrimination. The legislation could help combat
  3. Man, 38, given 6 months to live after hairdresser spots unusual mole dismissed by doctors

    By Sam Elliott-Gibbs A man whose hairdresser pointed out a dodgy mole and urged him to get it checked has been told he has just months to live. Nicholas Smithson, 38, went to the doctors after the discovery during an appointment in Queensland, Australia . Despite the stylist's conce
  4. #Hairdressers have #high #incidents of #cancer related to #chemical #exposure
  5. Expert shares how we're using our hairdryer wrong and it can easily break

    By Naimah Archibald-Powell Hairdryers are a staple in most beauty appliance kits and make tasks like drying hair and styling easier. A necessity for many, living without a hairdryer can be a pain, so it is important to keep them in the best working order possible. Much like a lot