1. What’s the difference between #Hamas and #Palestinians . Palestinians are distant cousins to Israelis. They share something on the Y-chromosome. We’re genetically related. Hamas is a terrorist organization whose primary goal is the annihilation of Israel and all Jews in the world.
  2. Need any help packing your shit, magat? #GTFO
  3. Den of Wolves Will Be a Sci-Fi Heist—With a ‘Power Fantasy’ Soundtrack

    Announced at the 2023 Game Awards, Den of Wolves is a new kind of co-op heist game from the minds behind PayDay. By Reece Rogers Following two years of preproduction, game developer 10 Chambers finally announced its new heist game— Den of Wolves —Thursday during the 2023 Game Awards.
  4. Hey! #Russians , this is the internationally recognized boundaries of #Ukraine , so #GTFO !