1. Comprehensive Guide to Commercial Fridges: Everything You Need to Know Introduction Understanding Commercial Fridges , also known as commercial refrigerators, are a cornerstone of the food and beverage industry. They are essential for restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and other busi
  2. Housing crisis leads one woman to live in a grocery store sign for the last year

    A woman has been living in the rooftop sign of a Family Fare grocery store in Michigan for about a year. She "had flooring, a computer, a desk, a printer, a Keurig and a pantry of food in the space, which was 10 to 15 feet long, five feet wide and approximately 8 feet tall at its
  3. Brickbat: Robot's Day of Rest

    By Charles Oliver A German court has ruled that the robots at the Tegut supermarket chain must be given Sundays off, just like human workers. Under German law, retail stores must close on Sundays and Christian holidays in order to give employees a day of rest. Tegut has gotten aro
  4. Some grocery retailers are displaying inaccurate prices, watchdog finds

    By Josie Clarke, PA Consumer Affairs Correspondent & Lawrence Matheson Some grocery retailers have been caught displaying inaccurate prices or failing to display prices at all for certain products, according to a recent investigation by the competition watchdog. The Competition and
  5. Man's heartwarming marriage proposal to his girlfriend in Pick n Pay leaves SA in awe

    By Johana Mukandila A lady received the marriage proposal of a lifetime, which left many South Africans in awe In the TikTok video, the woman can be seen in the store while her bae surprised her with his grand gesture Social media users loved the man's grand proposal as they rushed