1. This Popular Grocery Chain Is Closing Doors at 'Underperforming' Stores

    By Jenna Sundel The parent company of the popular supermarket chain Stop & Shop said it will be closing "underperforming" stores over the next few years. Ahold Delhaize, the parent company, announced the decision during a "Strategy Day" last week, where four-year plans for the comp
  2. Burger prices are up. But your barbecue could still be relatively cheap

    By Danielle Wiener-Bronner, CNN Burger patties, buns and ketchup prices are high. But even with the increases, your home-grilled burger could end up being relatively inexpensive this year thanks to steep discounts offered by retailers vying for budget-conscious customers. In recent
  3. Dingdong Rings Back To Revenue Growth, Posts Quarterly Net Profit

    By The Bamboo Works Key Takeaways: Dingdong’s revenue grew slightly in the first quarter, ending more than a year of revenue contraction The company recorded its second quarterly net profit since its listing and said it expects both revenue and profit to post “considerable year-over
  4. Asda refinances £3.2bn of debt at higher rate buoyed by 'strong' investor demand

    By Henry Saker-Clark, PA Deputy Business Editor & Lawrence Matheson Asda has refinanced £3.2billion of its debt, buoyed by "strong demand" from investors, the supermarket giant revealed on Friday. The retail giant confirmed it has sealed refinancing agreements for the debt, extendi
  5. How to Create a Successful Grocery App with a Development Company

    In today's digital age, in which convenience is king, developing a grocery app may be a recreation-changer to your business. With increasing consumers turning to online platforms for their ordinary wishes, having a properly designed and user-friendly grocery app can substantially
  6. #GroceryIndustry #CompetitionAct #Mergers #ConsumerProtection #CompetitionPolicy #Telecoms #Inflation #UnionStrike #PortWorkers #Negotiations #Landslide #Evacuation #Quebec #SearchAndRescue BC Longshoremen on strike—news from Canada, 3 July.