1. University of Oregon Summit for Sustainable Organizations

    I’ve posted about Singapore’s climate mitigation efforts, but this is worth a repeat. As the world moves increasingly toward high density urban living, how we design cities takes on enormous importance. This NYT article describes what Singapore has done and is doing to reduce the
  2. Momentum gathering for green chemistry revolution, eventually

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  3. An Indonesian company’s rent-a-solar-panel model aims to reduce emissions

    By Joan Aurelia Rumengan Founded in 2018, Xurya Daya Indonesia started by renting out rooftop solar panels to a mall, a health clinic, and a property business. Today, the company has over a 100 projects across Indonesia as of mid 2023, according to co-founder Edwin Widjonarko. “We
  4. Happy birthday, Inflation Reduction Act, you amazing infant American law: New projects have come to various parts of #America each month since the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and Chips and Science Act passed #greenbusiness
  5. I recently had the opportunity to interview Ryan Hunt, the Co-founder and COO of Shloop. This climate tech startup is making significant strides within sustainable footwear. Shloop's approach is unique in replacing plastics with algae-based pellets in its manufacturing process. Th