1. A 350,000-Year History Of Groundwater Recharge In The Southern Great Basin, USA

    “Estimating groundwater recharge under various climate conditions is important for predicting future freshwater availability. This is especially true for the water-limited region of the southern Great Basin, USA. To investigate the response of groundwater recharge to different cl
  2. What is happening? lol === "A powerful winter storm is expected to dump several feet of snow in parts of West starting Monday while much of the central U.S. will be basking in unseasonably warm conditions. Windy conditions are also raising the potential for fires in several states.
  3. California state of emergency flooding kills 3 as people mark themselves safe on Facebook

    By Vassia Barba At least three people have lost their lives in the devastating storms that battered California as weather patterns are sweeping across the western US bringing heavy rain, flash flooding , and heavy snowfall. Authorities reported that two men were killed by fallen tre
  4. Community scientists needed: Help improve winter weather predictions

    By Science X staff Community members across Utah, the Great Basin, and around Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are invited to join people across the country in contributing winter weather observations. The data is collected by scientists for a project that seeks to improve the accuracy