1. #VoteBlue!

    Okay, here we go, so many times I struggle with Grandparents raising Grandkids. I give them something I never got. Unconditional love. My step-Mom could only give me that in secret, she saved my life. But, sometimes I worry that I'm not preparing them for the ugly side of life. E
  2. Mom's celebration

    My mom just had her 93rd birthday. We had a nice get together at my brother's house with the whole crew. All the great grandkids made cards for her. She had a great time and so did all the kids! #family #grandkids #Mom
  3. That's my granddaughter, who just turned 12, when she was 2. Her mother told her to wait a minute. #grandkids #OriginalContent
  4. More stirring!

    My granddaughter (27 mos) and I are waiting for her new baby brother to arrive today! We are making gingerbread waffles this morning- her favorite! This little girl LOVES to bake❤️ The recipe has been changed a bit from the first batch I made her over a year ago. They freeze wel
  5. The calm before the storm, and by storm I mean the excitement and chaos of #grandkids on #Christmas morning #gardensofpost
  6. I. Will. Never. Do. This. Ever. Again. #christmas #GiftIdeas #ChristmasGifts #crafts #grandkids
  7. Your kids and grandkids will suffer greatly if you don't stand up for their rights NOW!
  8. Sorry, but no more babysitting for the grandkids