1. Republicans Applaud Biden's Plan to Raise Taxes of Billionaires

    By Aila Slisco President Joe Biden 's plan to raise taxes on billionaires was applauded by Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley on Thursday night. Biden vowed to raise taxes on billionaires to a minimum rate of 25 percent during his 2024 State of the Union address, joking ab
  2. New Tax Plan Changes Payments for Thousands

    By Omar Mohammed The Biden administration wants to increase taxes on corporations and the moneyed class, the White House said on Thursday, ahead of the president's address to Congress to update the country on the State of the Union of America. The government proposed that the corpo
  3. State of the Union: Biden vows to raise taxes on wealthy, corporations

    By: David Lawder WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. President Joe Biden vowed Thursday to raise taxes on wealthy Americans and large companies, announcing plans in his State of the Union address to hike corporate minimum taxes and cut deductions for executive pay and corporate jets. Biden
  4. David Maura of Americans for Tax Fairness #AmericansForTaxFairness

    Recent corporate earnings reports paint a dire picture of corporations with sky-high profits paying little in taxes, or even getting money back (negative tax rates): General Electric = $7 billion in profits; -6% federal income tax rate (now owned by Comcast). T-Mobile = $11 billion
  5. Hungary central bank says government lending rate plan is 'misguided'

    By: Gergely Szakacs and Anita Komuves BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary's central bank on Thursday criticised a government proposal to replace interbank rates with Treasury bill yields as the main, much lower reference rate for loans as "misguided", saying it would reduce the scope for