1. Mystery writer pens letter to neighbours threatening to block cars in over parking row

    By Ryan Fahey A furious car owner sent poison pen letters to all his neighbours threatening to block their cars in over a parking row - signing off all his notes 'MERRY CHRISTMAS YOU GRINCH'. Wayne Whitehead and his wife Lorna Hallsworth-Whitehead were shocked when they came home t
  2. Cold Weather Payments triggered in more postcodes – full list where eligible people will get £25

    By Jessica Sheldon More people are due to get a £25 Cold Weather Payment within days, after new triggers have been confirmed. Qualifying people who live in eight particular postcodes will now get the payment to help towards the extra costs that come with very cold weather, after te
  3. DWP Cold Weather Payments triggered in 11 new postcode areas - see if you're due money

    By Paul Gallagher Cold Weather Payments have been triggered in eleven postcode areas in England meaning thousands more people are now due to receive £25 towards their energy bills . The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has today added parts of the East Midlands to the list of