1. What? A U.S. commercial venture with no regulation wants to peddle their dubiously science-backed product to developing economies in pursuit of more profit with little regard to the effects? Say it isn't so!
  2. WTO talks deadline extended again with talks deadlocked

    By: Emma Farge, Alexander Cornwell and Rachna Uppal By Emma Farge, Alexander Cornwell and Rachna Uppal ABU DHABI (Reuters) -Negotiations at the World Trade Organisation ministerial meeting in Abu Dhabi on Thursday were extended for another day, with the WTO announcing the closing
  3. Streamlining Global Commerce: Melbourne's International Freight Forwarding Industry

    In an era where global commerce is thriving, the role of international freight forwarders has become increasingly significant. Melbourne, a bustling economic hub in Australia, stands at the forefront of international trade. As businesses in Melbourne continue to expand their reac
  4. WTO meeting seeks modest outcomes, with global trade at 'critical juncture'

    By: Emma Farge, Rachna Uppal and Alexander Cornwell By Emma Farge, Rachna Uppal and Alexander Cornwell ABU DHABI (Reuters) -Trade ministers from around the world gathered in Abu Dhabi on Monday for a World Trade Organization meeting that aims to set new global commerce rules, but
  5. Global trade is at a critical juncture–and we can’t take it for granted, WTO meeting chair warns

    By Thani Al Zeyoudi The greatest disruption in business occurs when cracks emerge in the systems that we otherwise take for granted. The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the treaties that make up the bedrock of international commerce fall firmly into this category. For decades,
  6. Dealing with drought

    Capacity is down; time-to-market is up; and costs are rising: The Panama Canal is under environmental pressure (Plus- Times Beach, Mo, erased) “As people who deal with the ocean you must see the irony. We are facing a shortage on a planet whose surface is covered two-thirds with