1. Water issues

    Hence the motto Plumbing is all fixed just in time as Saturday night brought biblical proportion rains. So nice to be able to enjoy a hot bath, no matter what the weather, but perhaps not immediately as there is a full load of soaking-wet, half-done laundry sitting in the tub. Oh
  2. I have an account but can never get beyond the avatar setup so have never used it. Figured it was far too glitchy. Logged in just now; still wants to finish my avatar setup and won't let me go further. SMH
  3. I have also had this problem with notifications. It seems that when a certain number are recorded in real time it can take a few minutes for a bulk of responses to click the magic light on the bell up top. Glitchy still happens.
  4. My reaction

    Still waiting It’s been weeks now on iOS mobile that replies are being lumped in with “reactions” in notifications - as in “so and so reacted to your comment” - no, they haven’t left an emoji, what they’ve actually done is answered a comment. Wish I could tell the difference with
  5. Meet Vanellope von Schweetz, the lovable glitch from Wreck-It Ralph

    By Bennett Yates Vanellope von Schweetz is a character in Wreck-It-Ralph , Disney's 2012 animated feature. She is a young girl with black, candy-covered hair who believes that becoming a real racer is the only way to earn the respect and friendship of other racers. Thus, she dedica
  6. The interwebs were so glitchy yesterday! I was notified about your test post, but got an error when trying to view it. For me, Post was fine but I was part of the huge failure of a couple other social media platforms. I’m glad everything seems back to normal today.
  7. I see POST is spreading the joy around this morning. A photo from the previous post showed up on a post I just finished writing this morning. It took a few tries to make it disappear. I finally had to delete the post and start over. Is this a new glitch? #posthelp
  8. Please

    It’s just a few lines of code What’s the difference between a Post and a Comment? Apparently nothing judging from what the list under Activity shows 😂 Sorry, I couldn’t resist… 🖼️ stockphoto #Caturday #saturday #randomid #feedback #updates #PostUpdates #postbugs #Glitches
  9. Kaboom!

    I’ll just leave this here Sometimes things are better left unsaid and with that in mind, I’ll be back at the end of the week, hopefully when things have smoothed out a bit 😆 🖌️ Bill Watterson #randomid #PostUpdates #postbugs #glitches #nothanks #nothappy
  10. Having pushed back against whatever artificial intelligence is these days, my guard finally weakened and I’ve spent the last few days seeing what it would do with Schwarzenegger movie posters and imagery. A lot of the fun has been seeing the glitches and things it gets wrong. Herc