1. Gilgo Beach serial killer investigators return to Rex Heuermann’s home for another search

    By Andrea Cavallier The Gilgo Beach Homicide Task Force was spotted at the home of serial killer suspect Rex Heuermann in Massapequa Park on Monday. Local news outlets reported that the home is being searched again. It is not clear why another search is taking place. Sources told Ne
  2. Rex Heuermann: Suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer has 'acclimated' in jail amid ex-wife's 'therapeutic' visits

    By Owais Farooqi SUFFOLK COUNTY, NEW YORK: Rex Heuermann , the former architect now facing allegations of being a serial killer, has been adjusting to his new life in jail. Meanwhile, according to a report, his wife, Asa Ellerup, has been making weekly visits that are said to be the
  3. Long Island search is not connected to suspected Gilgo Beach case – but another suspected serial killer

    By Andrea Cavallier A new search recently launched on Long Island is not connected to suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann – but instead is believed to be linked to another serial killer suspect. Investigators are looking for evidence in the 1993 murder of Sandra Costi
  4. Law enforcement intensifies Gilgo Beach murders investigation with K-9 search linked to 1993 murder case

    By Jenny Anna Mathew Warning: This article contains a recollection of crime and can be triggering to some, readers’ discretion advised. LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK: Law enforcement authorities have ramped up their efforts in the ongoing investigation into the Gilgo Beach murders , dispat
  5. Sources report a new search linked to the Gilgo Beach murder investigation is currently underway

    Law enforcement sources have disclosed that a new search is underway in Manorville, New York, as part of the ongoing investigation into the Gilgo Beach murders. The search, which commenced on Tuesday and continues into Wednesday, is being conducted by the Suffolk County District
  6. The Gilgo-Beach Murder case suspect, Rex Heuermann, 60, was charged with a fourth killing this week, after being charged with three first-degree murder counts in the killings of escorts Melissa Barthelemy, Amber Costello, and Megan Waterman in July 2023. #asaellerup #rexheuermann
  7. Suspected Gilgo Beach Serial Murderer Rex Heuermann Kept ‘Trophies’ From Victims, Stored 200 Guns In Home

    Police believe that Rex Heuermann, the main suspect in the Gilgo Beach murders, kept trophies from all his victims. #gilgobeach #crime #breakingnews Full story:
  8. If anyone in my home, spouse, child, exchange student, runaway I took in, cousin crashing for a week . . . ANYONE had a secret room in my house full of weapons and suspicious souvenirs from crimes, I would consider myself an idiot at best and probably agree that I should be consi
  9. Sospechoso arrestado en relación con los asesinatos de Gilgo Beach, NY #GilgoBeach #asesinatos #crimenes #LongIsland #NuevaYork #ADN #RexAHeuermann
  10. Long Island architect charged in 3 of the Gilgo Beach serial killings

    Long Island architect charged in 3 of the Gilgo Beach serial killings #News #USNews #NewYork #NewYorkNews #LongIsland #LongIslandNY #GilgoBeach #LongIslandSerialKiller #Crime