1. Mother and 2-year-old son among six dead as tornadoes slam Tennessee

    By Bevan Hurley A mother and her two-year-old son are among six people dead after tornadoes and severe thunderstorms tore through Tennessee on Saturday. Floridema Gabriel Perez, 31, and toddler son Anthony Elmer Mendez were killed when a mobile home rolled onto their house in the n
  2. Tennessee tornadoes leave at least 6 dead, dozens hurt and more than 35,000 without power

    By Nouran Salahieh, Andy Rose, Sarah Dewberry and Chris Boyette CNN Tennessee officials are assessing the damage after tornadoes and strong thunderstorms roared across the state Saturday, leaving at least six people dead, more than 50 injured, multiple buildings destroyed and powe
  3. Six dead, including child, as tornado tears through towns flattening homes

    By Mataeo Smith & S P Jones A devastating tornado has claimed the lives of six people, including a child, and injured 23 others in Tennessee. The storm tore through the northern parts of Clarksville on Saturday night, causing widespread destruction. The Montgomery County government