1. Sam Bankman-Fried appears in court AFTER BEING INDICTED AND ARRESTED for fraud cace IN SHACKLES! Same for AF national guardsman!! So why isn’t TRUMP ARRESTED for any of his FOUR INDICTMENTS and ushered into court in shackles also ??? #DOJ #jacksmith #GeorgiaDA Trump n Tep’s w
  2. Pro-Trump Michigan false elector said conspiracy charges could trigger ‘civil war’

    By Josh Marcus A Michigan Republican whose wife is being prosecuted for allegedly taking part in the Trump campaign’s scheme to send false electors to overturn Joe Biden ’s 2020 election victory said state charges could trigger a “civil war.” “If the government continues to weaponis
  3. Trump lawyer says he would’ve been successful in destroying evidence if he wanted to

    By Kelly Rissman Former President Donald Trump ’s lawyer Alina Habba has called Mr Trump the “most ethical American” she knows, while also saying he could have deleted the evidence if he so desired because he owns Mar-a-Lago, owns the IT, and pays his employees. Speaking to “Fox New